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VPOS Market connects you to over 10,000 legally licenced businesses. Buy from the best. Smile Always!

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About VPOS Market App

Buy from licenced businesses

VPOS Market App is made to connect buyers to legally licenced businesses. No signup fee, no credit card needed, and streamlined purchase process. Smile Always!


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VPOS Market Features

Awesome Features

Easy to make orders

User friendly and streamlined process to make you find the right items without hustle.

Orders handled with care

Orders are protected and handled with care. You receive your orders as purchased

Order Processing Modes

Ge nofication on your order status. When orders are made, processing, in transit and delivered.


You are protected. All businesses are legally registered. No illegal vendors, no fraud!

Order history

Nothing is lost in VPOS Market. You have access to all your previous orders an purchases.

On-time delivery

All orders made are delivered same day. Unless othrwise discussed with both the buyer and the business.

Your Experience

User Friendly interface And a Streamlined Purchase Process

Locate what you want with few clicks. No hustle! No long search!

Select desired items

Make your order

Receive your orders

How It Works

3 Easy Steps

Install the App

Download and install VPOS Market App from the Play Store

Setup Your Profile

Setup your profile to track your buying habits and purchase history.

Enjoy The Features

Get connected. Start buying from your favorite licenced businesses.


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Download the currently released version of the VPOS Market mobile App. Meet over 10,000 legally licenced businesses to buy from.

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